November 14, 2023

TrueVoice Growth Marketing™ Wins Healthcare Marketing Impact Award’s Campaign of The Year for Second Consecutive Year

By Kurt Genden
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
TrueVoice Growth Marketing™
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We're thrilled to announce that TrueVoice Growth Marketing™ has done it again! For the second year running, we've been honored with a prestigious Modern Healthcare Marketing Impact Award, this time being recognized for Branded Entertainment/Content Campaign of the Year for our editorial partnership with The New York Times on behalf of long-time client Humana.

This award is exceptionally esteemed as it comes with the nod from Modern Healthcare and Ad Age's editorial teams and is a testament to our dedication to crafting narratives that transcend traditional advertising. Our commitment to storytelling that resonates deeply with audiences has set us apart in a crowded field, where we cut through the noise with authenticity and ingenuity to help our clients grow.

Our collaborative campaign with national health insurer Humana, crowned with the Branded Entertainment/Content Campaign of the Year award, underscores our adeptness at harnessing the power of narrative in healthcare marketing. Aligning with Humana's human-first philosophy, we launched the "Conduits for Care" platform to connect deeply with the needs and stories of employees and their families.

This campaign bridged the gap between employer perceptions and employee desires for comprehensive specialty healthcare, spotlighting real stories through editorial content and custom audio segments featured in top-tier podcasts like The Daily, This American Life, and The Ezra Klein Show. This strategic content blend, supported by The New York Times' targeted reach, not only heightened Humana's profile as a thought leader in the dental and vision space but also significantly amplified its impact, achieving an audience reach of over 17.5 million and an engagement rate that soared past industry benchmarks. 

Our initiative reshaped the conversation around group specialty benefits, moving beyond traditional ad buys to a narrative-driven approach that resonated with C-Suite and HR executives, benefits professionals, and group brokers alike. This caliber of innovative, human-focused storytelling defines our work at TrueVoice Growth Marketing and the remarkable results it yields for our clients.

As a growth marketing consultancy at the forefront of full-funnel marketing, we've demonstrated our prowess in accelerating demand, increasing qualified leads, and driving significant growth. With AI and precision targeting at our core, we specialize in helping clients in complex, highly regulated industries like healthcare, insurance, and financial services to find and nurture valuable customer relationships throughout the marketing funnel.

Here's to storytelling that makes a difference, campaigns that redefine engagement, and partnerships that flourish into award-winning successes, and here's to another year of being true to the voice of growth marketing.

Click here to learn more about the award-winning campaign and see the editorial.

About The Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards

The Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards recognize healthcare's best advertising, marketing, promotion and communication campaigns. Participants are judged on ingenuity and creativity in campaigns that advance efforts by providers, insurers, suppliers and advocacy groups to deliver high-quality, affordable and accessible health care; promote the health of individual patients, groups and communities; and help organizations thrive in today's rapidly changing health care industry.

The Branded Entertainment/Content Campaign of the Year category is designed to recognize the creative use of storytelling on any number of platforms, such as long-form films, branded content, podcasts and native advertising on publishing sites. Campaigns that win in this category “represent the sort of storytelling you would not expect to find within a traditional ad buy.”