January 24, 2022

Are You Really All That Customer Centric? Not Without a Single View of Data & A Shared Operating Model

By Kurt Genden
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
TrueVoice Growth Marketing™
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Are you really as “customer centric” as you think you are?

Global executives rank customer experience as the top business priority. And yet according to a recent Harvard Business Review report, only 15% of companies actually have a single view of customer data and the organizational structure to leverage those insights in a meaningful way. 

And more than half of respondents — executives from companies like Kellogg’s, Pacific Life, Kimberly-Clark and more — say that overcoming organizational silos is one of the top barriers to improving customer experience.

The full report features a sponsor perspective from our friend and colleague, Brian Solis of Salesforce.

Ultimately, companies that don’t leverage customer insights for business acceleration and growth will never achieve their full potential. You’ll always be held back by two key issues that overlap both customer centricity and data silos: 

  • The need for a single source of customer data 
  • The need to transform operational systems based on what that data says — and ultimately leverage that data to identify, nurture, and convert those customers, no matter where they are in their customer journey

So, what’s at stake for the 85% of companies that have not gotten customer data to the point that it has a meaningful impact on the way that you do business?

If you don’t use customer insights to influence customer behavior, you can’t influence that behavior as effectively as possible — and you leave transactions, relationships, and exponential returns on the table. 

Change can be overwhelming. But for truly customer-centric companies, change can be a time of opportunity. Here are three ways TrueVoice Growth Marketing's™ ’full-funnel philosophy helps you take the steps necessary to meet this business imperative:

Real-time data from real customers

Companies that work with TrueVoice Growth Marketing™ get real-time data about their real customers. Our proprietary ACCESS leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to translate billions of points of live behavioral metadata from the active narratives of more than 160 million individuals into dynamic customer journey maps. 

When you harness this technology, you can create a single view of data that empowers companies to identify, nurture, and convert prospects and customers with unparalleled accuracy -- in real time – at every stage across the funnel. You know precisely who your customers are, what they care about, where they are, and how to activate them. 

Test and learn approach for iterative improvement

The more you know about your customers, the more empowered you are to give them what they need at the right moment in their customer journey. TrueVoice’s iterative Test and Learn methodology allows you to make small, impactful changes to your marketing choices, giving you a new-found level of agility in executing marketing plans. Coupled with real-time analysis of the results of each experiment, your team has the data and reflection time it needs to deliver consistent, iterative improvements. 

Shared operating model leads to shared ROI

With a clear view of how shared data benefits individual stakeholders, departments, and the whole organization, you gain momentum and cooperation around data within your company. You have the buy-in you need to examine your existing operating models and break down your operating silos into a single shared operating model — unlocking the true potential of your customer relationships and seeing better results every time you test an initiative. 

Even better? Insights can be shared from the top to the bottom of the funnel, leading to joint decisions on when, where, and with how much budget to target different audiences.  

Your future success depends on today’s data 

Your company’s future success depends on having a complete and consistent view of your customers across the customer journey. If you aren’t taking steps toward building that reality into your operating model, you’re leaving impenetrable barriers between your customers and the products and services you have for them. 

What’s different about today is that this futuristic vision is possible. There’s a realistic path that can take your customer data from where you are today to a dynamic, customer-centric, single view of data that leads to growth and ROI tomorrow.

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