March 9, 2023

Want Revenue Growth? Full Funnel Growth Begins With Access to The True Voice of Your Customers

By Kurt Genden
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
TrueVoice Growth Marketing™
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When I first got started in marketing, I recognized the importance of knowing the customer. Building TrueVoice Growth Marketing™ has shown me just how much potential revenue is locked throughout the funnel that can only be tapped by understanding your customer at every stage of their journey.

Every marketer is asking themselves one question, “Where can I find growth and how do I tap into it?”

The answer to that question takes us beyond marketing and requires us to look at the whole ecosystem of revenue growth within a company: from audience identification and targeting, lead generation and qualification, to the moment of conversion and retention.

Everything that comes as a result of effective marketing, sales, and retention practices is built upon a foundation of access to the right customers. This means having a unique understanding of your prospects: who they are, what they want, and how to convert them at every part of their journey, at every stage in the funnel, and in real time.

That’s the “true voice” of your customer, and I want to explain how it transforms marketing into an engine for full funnel revenue growth. 

Why look for the true voice of your customer?

Businesses today, especially highly regulated businesses, are engaging with an incredibly mature digital marketing ecosystem. They have the opportunity to be very targeted in what they share, where, and who they reach. Without a deep understanding of the motivations and real behaviors of their target audiences, these companies cannot create the most robust possible marketing, sales, and retention strategies — and cannot realize the full potential of the company’s value. 

To identify the true voice of your prospects and to be in a position to capture the most value, you need data, technology, and expertise wrapped in one solution. However, it’s not always possible to have people, processes, and technology work in collaboration to identify and activate the right audiences at the right time. 


Getting access to the true voice of your customer

Our approach to full funnel growth marketing is a simple one, powered by complex, proprietary technology and decades of marketing and sales experience. Here’s how it works: 

  1. We identify your best qualified prospect or customer by leveraging AI and proprietary algorithms to precisely target and process millions of indexed resources across all forms of structured and unstructured data. 
  2. We leverage machine learning to normalize, cleanse and qualify that data to capture a real-time understanding of your prospect’s interests, needs, and the specific problems they’re trying to solve at any point in time on their buying journey, as it specifically relates to your company and product. 
  3. We identify the marketing, web, sales, customer experience, communication, and service factors that influence your prospects decision-making, from influencers to channels to mediums and formats.

This is the “true voice.” At a quick glance, “true voice” might look like marketing intelligence, but it’s not. The true voice of your customers is an innovative version of marketing intelligence that takes into account the nuances of your prospect’s needs in real time, based on real data. 


Deeper insights lead to higher revenue

When you have the true voice of your prospects and customers, you’re not responding to trends using only solicited data to guide your way - it’s often misleading. Instead, you’re tapping into your prospect’s unsolicited behavior, then layering in your internal and external data to create a truly objective view of your prospect’s behavior.


Figure 1: Multi-source behavioral data creates an objective view of your prospect’s behavior


We then leverage AI and precision targeting to process millions of indexed resources across all forms of structured and unstructured data, analyzing the full corpus of all data sources without sampling, to help you find, understand, and activate valuable prospects and nurture their experience across the marketing funnel.

To capture the true voice of your prospects, we’ve developed a sophisticated toolset to facilitate the filtering and identification of the data results, including the following: 

  • Multi-Layer Filters to eliminate noise from millions of invalid sources, including bots, link-building, and promotional material.
  • Industry- and Audience-Specific Taxonomies bring structure to unstructured data, serving to organize societal subgroups for better data classification, and helping to gather actionable data to populate specific customer journeys.
  • Linguistic Verification to identify target audiences by how they identify themselves in their content and conversations, producing a highly-qualified sample of target audiences. 

On the surface, the true voice of your prospects empowers you to know your audience better. However, it goes deeper than that. With a comprehensive understanding of who, what, why, and where, you can be more agile about how you engage your prospects along their journey. You can adjust, react, and respond to new information in real time with confidence, because you deeply understand your prospects’ motivation and are able to meet them at the right place at the right time.

(Capturing the true voice of high net worth individuals helped Wealth Enhancement Group drive $5 billion in new revenue.
Click here to read about our work with their Chief Digital and Marketing Officer.)

When you understand how your prospect behaves and the factors that influence their decision-making as it relates to your products, you capture the “true voice” of your prospect. You can draw a direct line from the true voice of your prospects to your efforts to drive demand, generate leads, acquire and convert sales, and then retain them as customers. 

With the power of TrueVoice Growth Marketing’s ACCESS into your ideal prospects and proprietary technology powered by AI, you can start to gain real traction with the following use cases: 

  • Objective-based Customer Segmentation uncovers segments of the population that are more or less likely to take certain desired actions based on their established behaviors and driving objectives.
  • Full-Funnel Journey Mapping follows prospects through the sales process to define the drivers, obstacles and information of greatest interest to specific prospect segments at each point in their journey.
  • Persona Development translates our proprietary customer access into dynamic, precision targeting of best prospects.
  • Content Modeling defines a logical structure and taxonomy of the content published online to appeal to specific targeted audiences.
  • Media/Channel Optimization leverages prospect behavior to guide channel and campaign optimization and minimize media waste.
  • Engagement Framework aligns strategy with the established mindsets and objectives of target audiences, mapping the strategy, the communication pillars, the approach and even the assets and proof points needs to drive action at each stage in the customer’s journey.
  • Growth Opportunity Prioritization identifies “low-hanging” growth opportunity that serves as the basis for initial test & learn programs and shapes a roadmap to scale growth marketing campaigns.


Program-based evidence versus evidence-based programming

“If you build it, they will come,” makes for a compelling storyline in Hollywood, but it’s the wrong way to think about full funnel growth marketing. We can’t assume prospects will go out of their way to solve their problems with your product or service. In reality, the most effective driver of revenue and growth is to find a way to fit your product and services into your prospect’s buying journey, not the other way around. That’s what the true voice of your customers empowers you to do. 

When you understand the behavior that’s actually taking place, you enable your organization to craft, target, and message with precision. You understand not simply who and what, but also where and how. Ultimately, this new level of access to your prospects and customers empowers you to deliver your messaging and marketing where and when they are most interested in your solution.  


ACCESS your full potential revenue

Without the true voice of your customers and prospects, marketers will continue marketing the way they always have and the old playbooks will continue to under-perform. There’s so much more that can be accomplished. 

Full funnel growth marketing powered by the true voice of your customer, coupled with the alignment of your organization’s operating models, will empower you to find and tap into growth across the customer journey in the form of increased leads, higher rates of conversion, and improved customer retention. 

Let’s get growing!