April 4, 2023

Measurable Growth Marketing Success Starts With Know Your Audience

By Brock Pernice
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
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What does it take to turn your marketing into an engine for revenue growth?

What would it feel like to meet your revenue goals ahead of schedule?

And more importantly, how would it feel to know exactly how you did it?

These are the questions enterprise growth marketers ask today, and the solution is a simple five step framework. 

It sounds a little too simple, right? But this framework is not your traditional research-based marketing. The truly audience-first approach we’re suggesting is much more comprehensive than traditional research. It involves knowing your audience on a behavioral level, in real-time, and integrating this live understanding in every part of your marketing process: from planning to content and marketing strategy to execution and distribution to measurement and analytics.

That’s where Wealth Enhancement Group’s $5 billion revenue goal came in — they used TrueVoice Growth Marketing™’s full-funnel growth marketing solution to leverage every part of the customer journey, at every stage of the funnel, in real time to build and optimize demand; increase and convert more qualified leads; and better retain and grow clients.


This article kicks off a short series on the five keys to success in full-funnel growth marketing: 

By the end of this article, you’ll understand what’s truly possible when it comes to building a marketing strategy around the full customer journey — and how that exponentially improves (and provides attribution for) your marketing efforts. 

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As marketers and executives, we like to think we know our audience pretty well. After all, success at scale is never an accident. But what many marketing executives and practice leaders miss today is just how detailed and specific marketing data can get — and how that data can be turned into meaningful and measurable results.

In the past, marketers have been limited by time-consuming and expensive market research initiatives. Understanding your audience at the granular level required a lot of time, effort, and resources. It was too complex of an undertaking to apply it to every project. But today, TrueVoice Growth Marketing™ ‘s proprietary data set of 145 million individuals provides an understanding of client behavior at a level that was previously unattainable.

Knowing your customer comes down to three nuances: 

  • Live Behavioral Data to Add Depth to Engagement
  • Inside-Outside Perspective For Accurate 360 Insights
  • Build on a Strong Foundation of Metadata

Live Behavioral Data to Add Depth to Engagement

In the past, marketers were limited by time-consuming and expensive market research initiatives. But today, technology from partners like TrueVoice Growth Marketing™ removes that barrier.  

TrueVoice Growth Marketing™ utilizes its technology and capabilities to integrate and layer live behavioral data with your existing organization knowledge of customers. And not just your existing customers — we connect you to the real-time behavior of millions of prospects from more than 350 million sources. That data is then unlocked by AI and machine learning advancements, giving you a new, robust understanding of your customers.

When you know who your customers are and what they really care about, you have the depth of knowledge you need to do work that resonates more deeply and meaningfully with your customers. Greater relevance results in increased resonance, which directly translates to more effective marketing that drives greater ROI.

Inside-Outside Perspective For Accurate 360 Insights

TrueVoice Growth Marketing™ creates outside-in and inside-out perspectives for your ideal customer and their journeys. 

First, we help you tap into your own internal subject matter expertise on your audience. Then we validate your assumptions by mapping it against live audience signals.  This data-driven process leverages the power of AI to surface and bring focus to the most important narratives of ideal prospects distilled from their real time interactions – ensuring that the insight is timely, relevant, and actionable. 

These unique and unified views of prospect behavior forms the foundational basis for a real-time understanding of target prospects that defines who they are and the journey they are on, putting it all into the context of our clients’ business and marketing objectives.

Build on a Strong Foundation of Metadata

Once we’ve established an organizational consensus with the help of the external and internal insights, the rich and constantly-evolving metadata we are collecting and analyzing serves as the foundation for a comprehensive growth strategy. Two elements drive this strategy, defining and guiding the engineering and orchestration of all interactions through all channels to influence behavior and accelerate the buyer’s journey:

  • Targeting pinpoints audience segments that represent defined opportunity for growth, answering the questions, “Who are the best targets and where can they be found?”
  • Communication defines the content, information, and channels that will gain attention and activate prospects, answering the questions “What are important, unmet needs, how can those needs be addressed?” and “Which information or products deliver against those needs?”

Ultimately, this ability to program against the live understanding of audience behavior is the difference between a good campaign and one that truly moves the growth needle for a company. And by understanding the complexity of each audience uniquely, we’re better able to influence behavior that moves the needle on profit, which is the job of marketing.

Marketing Transforms Into a Revenue Center When You Know Your Audience

With this controlled, calculated, measured, and shared operating model along the full customer funnel, insights are shared from across the funnel and decisions are made jointly on everything, including key performance indicators (KPIs), spending levels, and which audiences to target and when.

You know what that means, right?

It means that you can now measure the success of the marketing funnel at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, and see exactly where your insights came from and how to get more of them. Over time, these incremental improvements build a more effective marketing machine, delivering better results every campaign.

Without this ability to measure and understand full funnel journeys, you’ll find it difficult to be where your customers are. If you’re looking to substantially improve acquisition marketing, you need to shift from a focus on touchpoints to assessing the end-to-end prospect journeys – enabling you to immediately leverage insight into action.  

Ready to grow by knowing your audience at every part of their journey and at every stage in your funnel? Request a discovery session with TrueVoice Growth Marketing™.

Drive demand, leads, acquisition, and retention

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