February 1, 2022

Reaching Customers Demands Marketers Focus on 3 Key Areas, But a Single View of Data Rules Them All

By Brock Pernice
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
TrueVoice Growth Marketing™
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Content Marketing. Personalized and Contextual Experiences. Intent Marketing. These are the three key areas that marketers need to focus on to provide their potential buyers with an exceptional brand experience and to start to build brand trust, according to a recent article from B2B Marketing.

 “Three Demand Generation Focus Areas You Need To Know” paints a digital, omnichannel, multi-touchpoint, and non-linear engagement landscape that is lightyears away from how customer journeys had been perceived just a very short time ago.

 We couldn’t agree more that Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Chief Growth Officers (CGOs) today must now chart a very new course to deliver on their growth goals this year and in the years ahead. And we also agree that content marketing, personalized and contextual experiences, and intent marketing are three key areas that these executives must come to know and understand quickly to be successful and meet the goals that their CEOs are demanding.

 However, from our vantage point, we would reorder these three key areas to place intent marketing as the lead principle. We see it as the essential key area for marketers to gain control over in the short term and then master in order to provide an exceptional brand experience, maximize their marketing efforts throughout the buying cycle, and refine their customer relationship management strategy.

 Why? Without the ability to create a single view of customer data and then leverage advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to gain real-time actionable insights, marketing executives can only be reactive to the market, not proactive. They can only base their decisions and marketing spend on data that is old and doesn’t reflect the current reality of the customer journey.

 Our full funnel growth marketing philosophy, powered by our proprietary access to hard-to-reach customers, addresses this key area by enabling companies to gain a real-time, single view of data in the context of the buying journey of their best prospects. TrueVoice leverages AI and ML to examine and translate billions of points of live behavioral metadata from the active narratives of more than 160 million individuals into dynamic customer journey maps that inform and guide action.

 It is TrueVoice’s unrivaled access, the translation of this data, with our ability to synchronize and focus people, process, and technology around a single source of data, that addresses each and every one of seven key areas of intent marketing that can help marketers transform marketing into an engine for growth:

  1. Identify new opportunities to create relevant content, campaigns, and offers.
  2. Personalize customer journeys across all channels.
  3. Build stronger relationships with your customers using data-driven insights.
  4. Respond with relevant messaging, experiences, and offers that drive engagement.
  5. Turn anonymous browsers into loyal customers by personalizing all communications.
  6. Optimize campaigns to drive better results and close more deals faster.
  7. Achieve greater visibility with target markets while driving engagement.

This access means that CMOs and CGOs can now gain a comprehensive view of their target market with never-before-seen clarity. Simply put, they know their individual customers’ behavior much better -- who they are, where they are, what they care about, and how to create campaigns that will activate them.

With this newfound, game-changing capability, companies can now successfully address each customer’s unique desires by designing more highly personalized campaigns that fully maximize the effectiveness of the other two key areas mentioned earlier – content marketing and personalized and contextualized experiences. Content marketing can now be utilized to produce content that is directly relevant to customer needs at every stage of your full funnel. And personalized and contextualized experiences take on an entirely new level of relevancy with this real-time ability to see customer behavior, buying stage, interests, preferences, and pain points.