September 7, 2023

Unleashing Full Funnel Growth Marketing: Overcoming Barriers in the Financial Sector

By Brock Pernice
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

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The modern financial landscape is constantly evolving, driven by advancements in technology, heightened competition, and changing consumer expectations. In this dynamic environment, financial institutions face the urgent need for sustained growth. As CEOs increasingly view marketing as the primary engine for growth, there is a glaring disparity - only 18% of CMOs are confident in their teams' capability to meet this challenge. This disparity underscores the critical importance of a transformative approach known as Full Funnel Growth Marketing (FFGM) in the financial sector.

Understanding the Landscape

A recent report sheds light on the challenges faced by financial services firms in achieving marketing maturity within FFGM. While the significance of FFGM is widely recognized, many institutions remain hesitant to fully integrate its holistic capabilities. To delve deeper into this discrepancy, the Gramercy Institute convened senior marketing leaders from premier global financial institutions for an enlightening roundtable. The insights gained from this meeting highlight distinct barriers to the comprehensive adoption of FFGM.

Identifying the Challenges

The report identifies five central challenges that hinder financial services firms from achieving full funnel growth marketing maturity:

Lack of Actionable Audience Insights: Understanding and personalizing experiences for diverse customer profiles is a significant challenge. Without actionable audience insights, institutions struggle to tailor their marketing efforts effectively.

Misaligned Operating Models: There is often a lack of synergy between sales, marketing, and operations within financial institutions. This misalignment can impede the effectiveness of FFGM strategies.

Inadequate Measurement Practices: Limited measurement methodologies hinder financial institutions' ability to understand the direct impact of their marketing efforts on business outcomes. A robust measurement framework is crucial for optimizing marketing strategies.

Resistance to Experimentation: Financial firms tend to be hesitant when it comes to embracing iterative and innovative processes. This resistance to experimentation can limit their ability to adapt and stay competitive.

Poor Change Management Capabilities: Evolving organizational practices and mindset is a significant challenge for financial institutions. Without effective change management procedures, the adoption of FFGM becomes more difficult.

The Path Forward

Recognizing and understanding these barriers is just the beginning. Financial services must develop a strategic blueprint to overcome these hurdles and fully leverage the advantages of FFGM. The subsequent research segment aims to craft this blueprint by collating the collective viewpoint of the industry. It will define full funnel growth marketing, highlight its pivotal role in driving success, acknowledge the challenges in its adoption, and emphasize the need for a transformative approach.

It is clear that full funnel growth marketing is not just an option; it is a strategic imperative for financial services to thrive and avoid obsolescence. As the journey continues, the next chapter promises to offer transformative solutions that harness the unparalleled advantages of FFGM.


The financial sector is at a critical juncture, grappling with the need for sustained growth in a rapidly evolving landscape. Full Funnel Growth Marketing (FFGM) has emerged as a transformative approach, yet numerous barriers hinder its comprehensive adoption within financial institutions.

This report has shed light on five central challenges faced by financial services firms: lack of actionable audience insights, misaligned operating models, inadequate measurement practices, resistance to experimentation, and poor change management capabilities. Understanding these obstacles is paramount, as they pave the way for developing a blueprint that circumvents these pitfalls.

The subsequent research segment aims to provide strategies for overcoming these barriers and harnessing the advantages of FFGM. It is a collective effort to redefine marketing practices, drive success, and secure a competitive edge in the financial sector.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, where transformative solutions will be unveiled, signaling a new era of growth and innovation in the financial services industry.

To access the actual research findings in the study this blog is based on, please visit: Key Obstacles in Financial Services