Drive Demand, Leads, Acquisition, And Retention With Full Funnel Growth Marketing


When you can innovate throughout the entire customer lifecycle, every touch point with the customer becomes a distinct lever you can influence to drive demand, leads, acquisition and retention – across marketing, across sales and across the entire organization.

In this new white paper from TrueVoice Growth Marketing™, you’ll explore our groundbreaking approach to full funnel growth and the five steps you can take to drive powerful business results through marketing.

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We hope you find this case study informative and that it will instill the idea that facing change surrounding digital transformation shouldn't be a time of fear, but instead be viewed as a time of opportunity, a time to set your businesses for success for both the short and long term.

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A leading financial services provider sought to increase consumer awareness and demand for its product and service offerings. While it had been increasing its marketing and media spends in an effort to lift visibility and engagement, inefficient targeting and underperforming campaigns failed to translate to a measurable impact with its target prospects.


With ambitions of establishing a leadership position in the markets it serves, the client struggled to establish a case that its marketing investments could drive the outcomes needed to justify increased investment. The client needed to prove that they could effectively target qualified consumers, and generate a level of increased visibility that translated to measurable engagement in a cost efficient manner.


  • Targeting was unsophisticated with segment and persona-speciVic messaging and content limited and stale
  • While marketing investment levels were respectable, marketing and media campaigns underperformed, resulting in low penetration and high costs per engagement
  • SEM efforts were uniformed, generated high volumes of unqualiVied trafVic that resulted in high site bounce rates
  • SEO was inefVicient resulting in a high cost per click rate, a lower-than-acceptable conversion, and unqualiVied conversions
  • While the client was outspending many of its competitors, its share of voice position lagged in its priority markets


We structured a focused Test & Learn program to empower a real-time understanding and activation of priority audiences for Top of the Funnel marketing and paid media campaigns that included:

  • Leveraging TrueVoice’s access to 11.2 million qualiVied high-net worth investors (investable assets of more than $500,000) to create new, dynamic customer segmentations
  • Testing of new audience segments, and development of hyper-targeted messaging and content marketing models based on real-time customer demand
  • Optimizing company’s existing content by persona with intentions to improve engagement models of existing campaigns
  • Improvement and uniVication of customer experience across marketing and communication channels
  • Sophistication of measurement capabilities to leverage real-time data access to empower nimble optimization


TrueVoice developed and initiative cross-channel campaigns focused on campaign objective (brand awareness, engagement, etc.) and persona/client segment that took an integrated approach to audience, content, activation, and measurement:

  • Hyper Targeting: leveraged TrueVoice’s access to live audience segment data to dynamic target opportunity segments of prospects
  • Growth Content: strategy, creation, and delivery of timely and relevant growth-triggering content tailored to each target audience segment
  • Precision Deployment: channel and ampliVication strategy and management aligned and pinpointing qualiVied demand from target prospects
  • Full-Funnel Attribution: ability to track funnel impact and surface timely optimization opportunity based on real-time audience response

The approach was orchestrated to enable more responsive and adaptable marketing while strengthening (not abandoning) the link between strategy and activation. It involved technology and models that rapidly turned data into precise, actionable insight and defined new types of messaging and content that was relevant, timely and wanted by target consumers.


The program catapulted the company’s leadership position, establishing a number one leadership position in seven of its top ten priority markets.

In addition to fueling visibility and engagement, the program laid the foundation to enhance middle-of-thefunnel nurturing efforts that would, ultimately, transform the newly-created consumer demand into qualified sales leads and new client growth.

Engagement grew by


Media efficiency gains of


Penetration increased by


CPC fell by